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About D & B Builders

D & B Builders -

D & B Builders is an all-inclusive design and build company with the capability and qualifications to take your building project from concept to reality. With a group of accomplished professionals, we can guide your project step-by-step through the entire design and construction process.

Founded in 1985 by David Denham in the Gulf Coast Panhandle of Florida, D & B Builders has been working for more than thirty years with the hope and vision of providing affordable, proficient services to all clients. We pride ourselves in offering quality and detailed attention to your building requirements and satisfaction.

From start to finish D & B Builders has continued to expand to incorporate a wide variety of design capabilities, including remodel jobs and additions. Our primary focus is to accomplish your corporation's desires while integrating your needs.


Florida License: 
CGC047577 Certified General Contractor
Alabama License:
16313  Building Construction
Mississippi License:
20839-MC Building Construction
Louisiana License:
59610  Building Construction
South Carolina License:
G105922 General Contractor

Our Team -

In order to begin a project exclusively intended for you we would start the process with a comprehensive survey and determine your company's individual needs. After discussing the recommendations, a master sketch is created, financial options are reviewed, and preliminary plans are developed as the designer and owner coincide to form a budget. Our team of specialist will then begin to assemble working drawings while continually refining the design and verifying cost. Upon completion of the drawings the finished plans are submitted to local officials for final reviews. A complete set of design documents are then placed out for supplier and subcontractor pricing. A guaranteed maximum cost is then established.

We here at D & B Builders feel as though our unique approach of providing a complete building service to our costumers is, in fact, a lost art that was established by the original master builders. While many companies are beginning to experience the benefits of design and build few can offer the responsibility of taking you from concept, to design, through construction and finally to completion, that we boast of. We are excited and full of anticipation to see you and your business prosper to its full potential.

D & B Builders would be delighted to provide a list of previous clients and/or completed building projects to you if desired.

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